Competency Management System

We have a custom made bespoke competency system, designed and created by our in house development team. 


We have a wide range of clients in and around the West Midlands already using our competency management software for their own businesses, we completely white label the software to show your company logo and your company colours- so there’s no way to tell it’s us!


Easily show your competencies to external contractors without the headache, our system will track it all for you- no need for paper work. See our system below.

Monitor and manage training needs

Effortlessly monitor and manage your employee’s competency and training needs. You can easily see who is in need of training and whose qualifications need renewing for them to continue their work. 

Clear to Understand UI

 Navigate our menus quickly and find what you’re looking for in a matter of a few clicks. Whether it be training records or reviewing what needs to be renewed, it’s only a few clicks away.

A completely bespoke solution

Our competency management system is a completely bespoke solution for your business, it can be altered and changed depending on your needs and fully customised to fit your company colour theme. 

View your employees in one place

View all your employee’s needs and training requirements in one place, effortlessly see what your employee’s training or competency status is at any time. so you know when to alert someone to go get their training and become certified and secure to work again. 

Different levels of management

We have different access levels for different users. Admins can manage staff, allow them to join different departments and even announce when a new department-wide training program is being implemented. 

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Easy to Navigate UI System

Easily see and manage your employees training needs

Can be customised to suit your needs and industry

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