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We are proud to offer some of the best VoIP services in the West Midlands. We can offer feature-packed VoIP systems, often, on average 50% cheaper than your standard ISDN lines.

What to expect

Because you’re a a business we will setup a PBX (a VoIP server) in the cloud for you, this means that you and your staff can make and take calls from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connectivity.




We provide specialized menu system which uses voice prompts to help callers navigate to the correct department. It completely eradicate the need for separate receptionist or answering service.


Ensure that even if you're on the phone you never miss a call! Your customers will automatically get placed into a queue notifying them of their position and even offering them a call-back service if required.

Call Groups

We can route your calls in a variety of ways. When your customers calls your company, our telephone system accepts the call, provides an auto-attendant menu, and transfers the call to your team. Everything is automated and systematic under our telephone service.

Desktop and Mobile App

With the help of our VoIP and telephone system, you can turn your PC or Phone into a fully functional desk phone. This allows you to never miss a call, no matter where you are!


We keep record of every single call or conference. You can track timings, details and much more about your incomings and outgoings by using our exceptional VoIP telephone service.


We have the virtual phone extensions connected to our cloud based phone system. It allows you to make and receive calls from local and toll free numbers resulting in reduced cost for your business.

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