Everything from servers to phones

We are proud to supply offices and businesses with hardware to better streamline their workflow and increase productivity. We offer a range of technologies ranging from phones to All-in-One systems. Rest assured, knowing we supply it at a low cost while maintaining high quality, to better maintain your work efficiency.

Web hosting / dedicated servers


We offer a range of both VoIP and mobile phones to better communicate with your team and customers. The mobile phones selected are a bespoke package, meaning you tell us your needs and requirements; and we pick out the best mobile suited to those needs to better help your business grow. We take into account operating systems too, so as a result, we sell both iOS and Android devices to better connect you with your current technology, making sure you’re not hindered by conflicting eco-systems.

Computer Hardware

All in one systems

Our all-in-one systems are all made with beautiful displays and are completely bespoke to your needs. They include all the peripherals needed to operate, such as keyboards and mice. There’s no need for external cables as the monitor is built into the computer; making for a sleek and modern design. The specifications are completely dependent and optimised for your needs and budget restrictions.


We have a variety of laptops available. They have a variety of specifications ranging from cost-efficient for less intensive tasks to high performance, for more power-hungry activities. We are confident we can provide you with the best laptop to suit your needs while remaining budget-friendly. Whether it’s spreadsheets and documents to video editing and programming, we have you covered. We even offer laptops with great battery life, for when you need to take your work on the go. We even offer Macbooks to best suit your working environment if your office mainly uses iOS devices; allowing you to access your files anywhere seamlessly using the Apples ecosystem.

CCTV Cameras

Crystal clear 1080p-4K recordings, our Hikvision cameras are unrivalled for quality and security. Including features such as: motion tracking, timestamping and full certified installation of Hikvision cameras. You will receive notifications on your mobile phone whenever the camera picks up movement past an authoritative hour, alerting you of suspicious activity when it does.


We have a variety of computers available with a variety of specifications ranging from low maintenance and consumer level to high performance built to withstand any heavy processing tasks you may need to undertake. Some tasks also need to have higher specs in one particular area too, such as ram or processing power, which we can accommodate for. We are confident you will be able to find a computer that both exceeds your expectations and fits within your budget.

visitor management

Visitor Management Systems

Security is a must when it comes to running a business. you need to know who’s coming in and out of your building to prevent theft and overall, just knowledge of what’s happening in your business. The visitor management system does just that. People coming into your business have to sign in and out using photo capture and barcode scanning technology. Simply scan your face to log it into the system, to which a barcode will be printed out, which you can then use to sign in and out of the building with ease. This greatly increases safety for your employees and to your property as it keeps a log of who is signed in and out of your building and at what time. This piece of technology enables you to be able to monitor your building carefully and maintain the integrity of your security.

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