Competency Management System For Large Construction Company

The Client

In 2021 we were approached by a large construction company in the Midlands. The company needed a solution for their staff’s competencies, they were keeping manual notes of them, and as you can imagine it was becoming increasingly hard to manage. They had previous systems that did so much, but they needed a system that did everything they wanted.

Our solution

We created a completely bespoke system from the ground up andcompletely online. This allowed the company the ability to login and manually add their staff, and the staffs competencies where ever they are in the world. The system also has a reporting suite where management can extract reports to see upcoming pending expiries, and competency matrix’s.

The system we created came with its own reporting suite so you easily see a competency matrix and break down who’s skills were expiring and when.

Top tier management at your fingertips

A portal to employee management, our software can record and store your employee’s contact information, qualifications, licenses and all other information that would allow you as an employer to manage an efficient workforce.

Our bespoke software doesn’t just record qualifications alone, it also records and stores image evidence and expiries and notifies all parties involved when a licence or qualification nears expiry keeping your business running smoothly.

Do you need a competency management system?

Thanks to this particular client, we were able to get a great understanding of competency management systems- we are able to offer a competitive offering for our completely bespoke system.

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