What is SoGEA?

SoGEA explained

Until recently, to get broadband in your home or office, you needed to have a traditional phone line installed and then ADSL Broadband or fibre broadband provided.


SoGEA broadband provides you with everything your business needs to connect to the internet. SOGEA ( Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) is a broadband service that delivers the same performance and data levels as FTTC, but it takes the need for traditional phone lines out of the equation, providing a cost-effective alternative to broadband without including an unwanted phone line.


SoGEA can offer speeds up to 80MB and combined with a VoIP service like horizon to provide phone and broadband to your premise, allowing you to transfer your current business number seamlessly.


By the end of 2025, all traditional phone and business lines will be switched off and withdrawn from service and will mark the end of conventional phone lines.

Speed Speed Speed

SoGEA is a broadband-only FTTC replacement, and SOTAP is a broadband-only ADSL replacement for areas where it isn’t reasonably available yet. New services allow customers to use them confidently and at a lower cost.


Hence why 2022 is the start of a shakedown for many small businesses? Are you still relying on traditional phone lines to communicate? Several exchanges have already stopped taking orders for legacy phone lines, and with SOGEA being quicker and easier to install, you should start thinking about when to make a move.


SoGEA is a dedicated internet line that delivers a broadband connection to business premises, but it doesn’t run over traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) phone lines instead of using the same technology as FTTC. This means you’ll no longer be required to sign up for a broadband and phone plan.



SoGEA broadband uses fibre-based technology from the local exchange to help deliver broadband to your business.


The lines boast a more reliable connection with a significantly lower risk of downtime. SoGEA is the perfect alternative to PSTN for any business with higher-than-average bandwidth and superior speeds.


Not only does implementing SOGEA improve the reliability of internet connections, but the cost savings are significant – considering there’s no need for a phone line.


Hybrid and remote workers can consolidate their voice and data requirements onto a centralised internet service.

Support time would be reduced and optimised. The customer only needs to provide one support call to their provider. Since some users use one provider for their phone line and another for business broadband, SoGEA negates more than one call.


With no traditional phone line frequencies in place, there is a reduced chance of interference and unstable connections.


The only drawback is that users will no longer have a traditional phone number. To create one, users will have to adopt VOIP to be able to make and receive phone calls.




Get up and running in no time at all with PolyTech IT. With a speedy installation and reliable connection. And since everything is in one place, there’s no running around to report and resolve connection issues – making life a lot easier!

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