VoIP, UC and Omnichannel – Is it the same thing?

In business, every possible touchpoint between you and your customers is essential. So when your customers interact with your business, it should be an easy and positive experience. What is Unified Communications (UC)? Unified Communications combines all your electronic communication methods (e.g. telephone, video, chat, and collaboration tools) in one user-friendly interface.

What is Omnichannel customer support?

Omnichannel customer support is focused on enhancing the customer experience through every communication route. With omnichannel support, your customers will receive consistently positive service, regardless of how they reach out.

What about VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a low-cost, accessible, and efficient way for businesses to stay in touch with customers via the internet. It’s an ideal option for small or essentially hybrid companies looking to provide a united communication stream.

Most businesses assume that VoIP is a direct competitor to Unified Communication services. Nothing could be further from the truth. VoIP is a fundamental part of the UC suite. Whilst most SMBs are content with VoIP, there is a range of UC packages that come with VoIP. So why not consider combining the two?

Why are Unified Communications relevant?

Businesses have a variety of different communication streams, but UC allows companies to unite these streams. Employees no longer have to toggle between multiple software or tools to call colleagues, send a message, or join a meeting, enhancing communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Unified Communications and Omnichannel​

 Unified Communications provides a single, integrated service for all your voice and online customer communications. By implementing it to support omnichannel customer service, your customers can experience the following user benefits:

Personalised, frustration-free interactions​

We’ve all had the frustrating experience of being transferred from support rep to support rep when trying to troubleshoot- so why pass on the same problem to your customers. Unified Communications systems integrate with most CRM packages. This enables your team to immediately get in touch with customers and access any pre-existing case files like what products/services they’ve purchased, issues they’ve had, and when they last got in touch. As the name indicates, unified communications allow you to unify communication tools, such as booking engines and customer management platforms.

Communicating based on customer needs ​

Different customers have different preferences in terms of customer preferences. Using Omnichannel and Unified communication allows customers to have their pick of communication channels. No matter what, you can rest assured they’re getting the same excellent, seamless experience from each of them.

Speedier, more accessible internal communications​

VoIP systems provide businesses immediate economic benefits in terms of lower monthly bills, no equipment maintenance, and regular updates. Unified communications and Omnichannel pay off in the long time by providing quick and easy internal comms and enhancing the decision-making process. Implementing a singular UC solution will enable you to quickly see which colleagues are available to help with a customer enquiry. The range of communication options allows you to chat, phone, video calls, and screen share with colleagues. It also complements the new way of working well; being a cloud-based service means that you can contact your colleagues around the world the call is connecting to the next cubicle.

Business Continuity and the bottom line​

Because our Unified comms solutions are cloud-based, they enable your team to continue providing the same consistent experience 24/7.

Are VoIP, UC, and Omnichannel the same thing?​

Yes and no, you can utilise any of these three tools separately – but we recommend using them together. Three is never a crowd when it comes to customer communication. Are you looking to change your way of working? Call us to discuss how we can enhance your customer experience.

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