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In 2022 we embarked on creating a lettings agent website for a client in Telford, this project’s brief outlined all of the elements that would propel their business forward with an expertly created website with a full suite of tools.

Their previous website became obsolete and lacked the functionality that this growing and successful lettings agents needed to compete.

This system is 100% bespoke and made using the Laravel PHP framework.

lettings agent website 1

From concept to completion

The core concept of a well designed lettings agent website is the displaying of properties and their associated information. The “home” page displays the latest properties dynamically, the company information and other relevant business specifications.



Here at Polytech IT we can work within multiple development models, we are both functional and friendly, whether you want a hands-off approach or an involved role within development we are happy to create the software / website exactly how you want it.


Not just a pretty face

With all well designed websites the frontend (the interface) has to be both aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Using the Laravel framework we built both an intuitive front-end and an expansive yet performative backend.


Performance is a key point when developing websites and software at Polytech IT, the faster and intuitive a product is the more the consumer will interface with it.


Here’s some examples of the “property” page, with a sliding carousel gallery, clear information and interactive elements such as Google maps and street-view integration. 

Authentification, Security and Roles

This project is a multi-user project that involves different roles with different functionality. The backend has the following roles: Admin, Lettings Agent, Tenant and Guest.


These allow the administrators and lettings agents to control huge parts of the website ensuring that the control is firmly in the clients hands.


The client requested a special login system for tenants only, this was created 100% custom.

A portal to functionality

In this project we created a dynamic dashboard for all of the roles, this project was made with a full suite of management tools.

Every system was built 100% custom for the clients needs.



In conclusion this project was wrapped up and presented to a happy client, with all of the necessary bells and whistles. Because of the thorough development there was little bug fixing to be done and the project was completed and passed on in a timely fashion.

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